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Katie Sullivan, Managing Director of IETA to speak at TAF Canada 2019

Katie Sullivan, Managing Director of IETA to speak at TAF Canada 2019

The Africa Forum Toronto 2019 is delighted to have Katie Sullivan as one of our 2019 Speakers. 

Katie serves as Managing Director of IETA, the premier global multi-sector business voice for the intersection of markets and climate change. For two decades, IETA’s mission has been to support durable climate policies and financial structures that attract private sector engagement and capital at scale. On behalf of IETA’s 150+ corporate members, Katie leads efforts to inform market solutions to address environmental challenges across Canada and globally. She also manages IETA’s growing climate finance, aviation and digital innovation sustainability initiatives. Katie currently sits on the University of Toronto’s Environmental Finance Committee, the 2019 International Student Energy Summit’s Advisory Panel, Canada’s International Carbon Capture & Storage Knowledge Centre Board, Ivey Foundation’s Climate Advisory Group, Biological Carbon Canada Advisory Group, and Blockchain for Climate’s Advisory Panel. Prior to IETA, Katie worked as a Senior Consultant at ICF International. Katie has recently been recognized as a Clean16 and Clean50 award recipient for contributing to Clean Capitalism Leadership in Canada. 

Katie is THE subject matter expert on all things carbon pricing in the Americas and the Pacific Rim, leading the charge to let the market determine the best ways to innovate to eliminate carbon pollution. She has helped shape effective job, investment and business-friendly climate plans, policies and financial structures, leading to billions of dollars in investment in the emerging low-carbon economy. 

At the Toronto Forum, Katie will be speaking around POWERING AFRICA’S INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH GREEN FINANCE.

To Join Katie in Toronto, register on or find more information at 


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