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“The Commonwealth And Africa: A New Era?” Commonwealth Day 2023 Event in Parliament

With Rwanda being the first African country to head the Commonwealth Since 2007 (Uganda) and the recent addition of two new African states to the Commonwealth (Togo and Gabon) we are covenining a special event in Committee Room 1 in Parliament on March 13th at 6:30 PM.

“The Commonwealth And Africa: A New Era?”

The event will feature short remarks on this topic from policymakers from the United Kingdom and other countries. In attendance will be two members of the National Assembly of The Gambia. Honorable Saikou Bah and Modu Lamin Bah and members of the British parliament.

The event is organized by the Commonwealth Africa Initiative

Please join us to share your perspective and join us for a networking reception afterwards.

For more information contact +44 7462 596322

Thank you