Key Programs and Activities

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Key Programs and Activities

  • Commonwealth Africa Summit

A high level, multi-stakeholder event that annually provides a platform for Commonwealth nations from Africa to showcase investment opportunities to a wider business community while learning best practises on securing their homeland and borderlines. The Commonwealth Africa Summit also creates a platform that makes it easier for Commonwealth countries in Africa to do more business with member states from other parts of the world.  The Summit provides a unique opportunity for companies in Africa and other Commonwealth countries to network and exchange views on intra-Commonwealth trade and investment while facilitating dialogue and action on key and relevant issues of common interest.

  • Scholarship Programmes

In collaboration with partners and donors, we offer scholarship programmes for less privileged African youths in schools and training institutes of counterpart commonwealth countries. 

  • International Exchange 

Our Exchange programmes help to foster intra-commonwealth connectivity. They provide the Opportunity for Emerging African leaders to obtain a broader perspective, deeper understanding and first hand learning experience on leadership and development through capacity building, mentoring and enhanced access to markets in counterpart commonwealth countries.  

  • Trade Delegations

We organise trade delegations that enable African government officials and business executives visit other commonwealth countries to promote intra-Commonwealth trade and investment.

  • Investment Forum and Business Roundtable

     We organise and support investment forums and business roundtables that provide platforms for business partnership for Commonwealth African members.

  • International Agricultural Fair

 Our Agricultural Fair and Exhibition provides a global platform to showcase Innovations in agricultural machinery and equipment and the latest solutions and concepts for the future of plant production from across the 54 commonwealth nations and visitors from other regions. We gather professionals and experts in the agricultural sector across the commonwealth on a single platform to network with one another, enjoy trade relations, business alliances and discuss investment opportunities in the agricultural sector of Africa. While also giving agricultural products in Africa sufficient visibility in the international market and exposure to a larger audience.