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Four Key Project

Our Four Key Project Areas are:

We work with partner organizations worldwide to tackle critical problems in four project areas:

  • Economic Prosperity and Sustainable Livelihood

We believe that sustainable livelihood in Africa is feasible and achievable. Our programmes and activities seek to totally remove trade barriers that exist for African countries in the commonwealth while also encouraging a collective approach to tackling corruption, terrorism, over-dependence on foreign aids and other significant barriers delaying the process of economic prosperity. With some exceptions Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy is reported to be booming. But more inter-regional commerce would bring the desired results that will reflect in the quality of life of the citizenry. Through the Economic, Enterprise and Trade Development (EETD) platform, Trade Delegates, Investment Forum and Business Roundtables, we foster investment and partnerships between African governments and businesses with other members of the commonwealth.

  • Peace and Security

No significant sustainable development can take place in a conflict-ridden or violence-prone environment as evidenced in war-torn South Sudan and the Central African Republic. It is our duty to inspire a more united commonwealth to wage war against global challenges including piracy, migrant crises and terrorism while being more involved in the process of conflict resolution in volatile African states. 

  • Agricultural Development

With the fall in global price of oil, economies in Africa is forced to diversify and explore their massive arable land and high demand for agricultural consumables. We provide platforms for new partnerships and investments within the commonwealth to facilitate infrastructural growth and an increased agricultural technology. 

  • Youth and Gender Empowerment

By 2050, a quarter of the world’s people will live in Africa. Majority of them will be our children, nephews and nieces. We identify the positive and active role and contributions of young people in promoting sustainable development in Africa. We are therefore committed to helping Africa leverage on its relationship in the commonwealth to promote youth and gender empowerment, particularly through the creation of opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. It is our duty to promote an African society that recognises the advancement of women’s rights and the education of girls as precondition for effective and sustainable development.

  • Democracy and Good Governance 

Africa has suffered centuries of injustice both from colonial masters, military rulers and even democratic leaders. We seek to establish the culture of democracy and good governance in which African government, political parties and civil society are responsible for upholding and promoting democratic culture and practices.  Our programmes continually engage commonwealth political leaders in concrete and constructive dialogues, where parties hold each other accountable and effectively address all instances of violations of Commonwealth values without fear and favour.