Commonwealth Africa Initiative is both a Pan Commonwealth and Pan African organisation with a mandate to promote the interest of the African bloc of the Commonwealth of Nations and foster more opportunities for Commonwealth Citizens and Businesses from Africa. Through exchange, philanthrophy, research, and above all dialogue the initiative seeks to foster a prosperous Commonwealth of Nations and Africa. The initiative champions sustainable development, economic prosperity, security and good governance. CAFI works to achieve this mission by working in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, African Union, African governments, public and private institutions, as well as other regional and international development partners where applicable. 

Incorporated under the UK Companies Act 2006 as a Non Profit company limited by guarantee, the Initiative is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The initative’s was launched in 2014 with the support of Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President of Nigeria, who played a crucial role in that country’s transition to democracy.

About CAFI Events

Bringing together the world’s leading Government and business leaders, policymakers, and experts.

Each year, CAFI hosts a series of exclusive meetings for the leaders setting the global business and government agenda. Building upon CAFI’s ability convene top Government and Business Leaders, CEOs, policymakers, and experts, CAFI events are executed at the highest level of the quality spectrum. They are renowned for innovative formats, peer-level interaction across industries, and strategic focus on issues that affect Africa and Africans.

The Commonwealth Africa Initiative has been at the vanguard of promoting the interest of Africa in the Commonwealth, actively participating in the growth story of Africa, CAFI looks to address a key lacuna, that of the lack of a singular African led platform that brings together commonwealth Africa leaders, leading trend setters, policy influences of industry, and other stakeholders to discuss all that is relevant to Africa in the Commonwealth.

Founded to empower multiple industries and segments by sharing critical knowledge and raising advocacy through strategic conferences and summits, CAFI Events strives to create a socio-political and business ecosystem that is focused on Africa. Our events are not just the sole inflection point of receiving critical information and dialogue, but also forging relationships at a global level.

In addition to our annual event held in Parliament, the Palace of Westminister, London other events have been held in Toronto, New York and in conjunction with the Dhaka Forum held by the Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh (virtually) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore in 2022, Commonwealth Africa Iniative partnered with NGOs in The Gambia and the interfaith NGO “Faith For Our Planet” for a first of its kind workshop that engaged enviornmental activists, parlimentarians, Gambia’s Ministry of Enviornment and dozens of representatives of Gambia’s major faith communities for a workshop on climate change and Africa following COP27.

Theory Of Change:

Creating knowledge and dialogue platforms across that would connects, engages, and empowers Africans and Commonwealth citizens to define their future, develop growth opportunities and address problems facing their respective communities. Indeed summits and conferences hands-on workshops, panels, roundtables and research all play a role in creating the Commonwealth we want. The forums would ensure senior decision makers and citizens a like are equipped with information to respond to challenges and seize oppurtunities.

The organization is non-partisan and the views expressed in articles on this website or in various events do not necessarily reflect those of the initative.